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Tina Berry

CEO and founder of The house of Inez

Meet the woman that is making waves in the hospitality industry. Tina Berry

is a powerful motivational speaker and has always had a passion to help

those less fortunate. Being a pillar in her community has never stopped her

from reaching back to teach and mentor others on the importance of love.

Her motto has always been if I can just make an impact in just one person’s

life I have done enough. Since childhood Tina upbringing was that of a

middle class family, her mother Inez always instilled that charity starts at


Wanting to pay forward she began to instill the same values in her

daughter Lisa Carter, Tina began sharing her experiences which include

but are not limited to, growing up watching her mother feed the homeless

and offer them clothing. Even to the extent in offering blankets allowing

them to take showers in her home. She shared that she understood that

every human no matter what they are going through, should receive decent

treatment with kindness, Love and respect. 

Tina found herself helping people wherever she was, as she became an adult she followed the same footsteps as her mother. After noticing one day that her children began following in her footsteps that is when the legacy of the

house of Inez was born.

The house of Inez is a place where we restore hope. We give each person that walks through our doors the same respect as the individuals that sit on the board. The main goal is to give people a place to call home, where love and respect meet you at the door. The House of Inez also provides tools and the skills to be successful. Helping to create a world where we as a community can provide for the less fortunate will make a difference in someone’s life.


I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free
human being with an independent will.

 Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre



Lisa Carter

CFO of The house of Inez

Lisa Carter she is responsible for aligning financial reserves with setting the

mission and vision of the organization and identifying concrete ways to

engage in increasing financial reserves and cost-savings. Being the Daughter

of the CEO Tina Berry and believing in the vision of The House Of Inez, what

sets this CFO apart from business as usual is that she is passionate about the

mission at hand to help the needy. The values that were instilled in her from

birth are even more prevalent now.

With a background in children advocacy, shifting the focus to the whole

family has become the motivation.

The main goal is to give people a place to call home, where love and respect

meet you at the door. ⁣

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