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The house of Inez was created in my home growing up as a child. My mom Inez felt that charity starts at home she always reached out to the community to be of service. Inez would send her kids with plates to feed people in the community. Inez always had a kind word of wisdom she always made you feel Loved, wanted and accepted. Soon we noticed her kindness was starting to show a difference in the community when the same people she was helping started getting their lives together they would clean themselves up she would allow them to come takes baths she would provide clothes she would wash clothes what ever it took to help. 


Inez did open her home to allow some people to stay that was having a hard time soon we noticed the neighbor’s giving donation to her Food, Clothes, blankets and paying bills. Soon she opened her garage as a shelter running off a generator. I found myself keeping up with the service and my kids saw the kindness extended to the community from me. My greatest reward was watching my kids doing the same in their homes and I decided as a family we would start the house of Inez because a change starts with one step.


We believe everyone can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Women & Children

This 6 Month program of transitional housing will be a place for single moms with kids. This will help mom’s get back on their feet while giving them services such as Parenting, health and nutrition, financial guidance and life skills. Counseling on a weekly basis, drug testing. We will link them to services to help with resumes, housing and child care. Program goals are to decrease homelessness and increase self-sufficiency 

Mother and Baby on Floor

Men's Program

This 6-Month program is for Men transitioning back into society after serving and completing periods of incarceration. This self-sufficiency program provides semi-permanent housing, three meals daily and a wide range of support services (expungement, custody, case management?). Residents are expected to work, save money and develop skills to rebuild their lives. Must be sober and clean upon entry and during stay. 

Independent Living

This program offers a housing alternative for the Uniquely challenged, the opportunity to live on their own with help. This program offers three meals daily and a full staff for your loved one. We will also partner with other services like social worker’s , case manager’s and support services to help our client with their everyday needs.


We Need Your Support Today!

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